Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Just in Time for Mardi Gras

From the Croweblog

Mardi Gras is coming soon and that means king cake, the colorful confection with a baby inside. In the tradtional party setting, the lucky reveler who finds the tiny baby gets the honor of buying the next king cake (assuming they don't choke to death on their discovery.) This year, we're introducing a new twist to the tradition, and it comes courtesy of our generously toonable attorney general. We're calling this dessert Troy King Cake.

Troy King is becoming a rich resource. Not only is he a politically-charged, ambitious, thin-skinned little politician trapped in a lawman's office, but he is a big Johnny Cash wannabe. So much so that he has recorded a duet with the Man in Black, according to the front page story by our man Sebastian Kitchen in this past Sunday's Press-Register.

The fact that he had to wait for the man to die in order to sing with him tells you a little about Troy's talent. Apparently, Mr. Cash agreed to this arrangement only "over his dead body."


I love J.D. Crowe. He is just the absolute best......ever!


Don said...

Crowe writes as well as he draws....superbly.

Christie said...

LMFAO as usual...JD rocks!

Kathy said...

Too funny -- and that audio of Troy is just wretched.