Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Um...300 lbs. is NOT a MAJOR BUST!

Amazing what amount of weed constitutes a "major bust" these days. I could smoke 300 lbs in a few months and, if I were selling, I could move it in a day or less. Let's face it...300 lbs. isn't even a drop in the bucket. And you'd think with Birmingham's incredible murder rate the cops would have plenty more important things to do that harass people for a little weed.


The Mad Patriot said...

300lbs in a few months?

If you smoked a pound (sixteen ounces) a day it would take you 10 months to smoke 300 pounds. I'd think even smoking one ounce a day on a regular basis would be quite a feat.

I notice the article claims the 331 pounds is worth $625,000. That's $29.50/quarter. I thought the prices quoted by cops were usually inflated quite a bit, but that seems reasonably close to the prices I remember when I was in the market - although that's been a while.

Loretta Nall said...

That statement wasn't meant to be taken literally. But 300 lbs really isn't that much.

As to the prices....that is interesting. Usually they super inflate the value of what they seize. A couple months ago Montgomery police were claiming that they had seized weed worth $5000 a lb. I've seen $5000 a lb weed....but never in Alabama. Going prices today range from $30 - $40 for a quarter ounce in my neck of the woods. That really hasn't changed much from 20 years ago when I was a kid.