Sunday, February 24, 2008

Crazy Keyword Searches

I recently switched counters on the blog. One of the features the new counter offers is 'keyword searches'. Some of these are so hysterical and others so disturbing I thought I'd share them with you.

boobs and panties
im wearing my sister in law's panties (I don't believe I'da told that myself)
mothers who make their sons wear panties (need serious help)

howler monkey sound

food stamp program potato chips
can I buy candy, cookies with my EBT card
Can I use my ebt card at mcdonald
(I told you so)

pig lipstick picture
(Lipstick on a pig)

troy king
king of sex
Weapons as Sex Toys
how to make household products into sex toys
pig sex woman (SICKO!)
Sex King

nall the slave pics (no clue???)

were to buy a tillers in alabama
(I still ain't found one)


Don said...

Loretta, most everyone should know about your boobs and panties after all the interest they created when you were a candidate to become governor of Alabama, but your “explanation” link under that doesn’t do much for me. That may be some fault of my PC, or perhaps you don’t have a good link inserted.

Loretta Nall said...


The link goes to every post on my blog with boobs and panties in the text of the post. The explanation is all the posts that would come up when someone surfs intomy blog on those keywords.