Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Foot

I went to an orthopedic specialist yesterday morning to have my foot looked at. The ER doctor had told me not to put any weight on the foot or I would wind up having surgery to have a pin placed in the bone.The orthopedic doctor took off the splint, said he was going to try and get the bone to heal without a cast, placed me in a velcro shoe and told me to start putting as much weight on it as I can stand.

Lemme tell ye....it ain't much.

My foot doesn't hurt when I am sitting or laying....but when I move it for any reason it SCREAMS. It's weird, I always imagined a broken bone would hurt all the time. I guess maybe some of them do. But this one only hurts when moved....and that's plenty, thank you very much!

I told the doctor about my arthritis. He said that this kind of break usually isn't associated with osteoporosis, but since my records indicate that I have osteoporosis and osteoarthritis he is going to set me up for a bone density test next week and see just how bad it is. He will also be taking over all of my bone and joint care. It will be very nice to have one doctor managing all of that. Usually I have to go with whoever has an open appointment, on the days where I hurt so bad that I break down and decide to go to the doctor, and have not been able to get settled with one doctor for the arthritis.

Anyway, I go back on Monday for another X-ray. Today is the first day I will be home alone since I broke my foot. Y'all keep your fingers crossed that I don't add a broke neck to it by the end of the day. While crutches are suppossed to be a walking aid I have found them very hard to master. I don't know how people make using them look so easy. It is not easy. And it is particularly hard when you are whacked out on Percocet.

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