Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My Big Ol' Teddy Bear

I have the sweetest doggie ever. After being outside almost all day yesterday he was happy to be rescued and brought back inside when the kids got home. The first thing he did was seek out his mommy, who was laying on the couch, and proceed to snuggle as best he could. He likes to put half of his huge body on the couch and snuggle his head between my arm and body and make little groans of pleasure. It's the sweetest thing you ever saw. A big, mean, scary man-eater snuggling up to his mommy like a tiny baby. God I love him. I dread today. He'll be outside all by his lonesome and I'll be inside all by my lonesome and neither of us can get to the other. I just hope he doesn't find a way out of his fence because I can't catch him. Hell, I couldn't catch him when my foot wasn't broke....but I could follow him and make sure he didn't eat the neighbors. Now I can't even do that.

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