Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I'd Put This Bitch in a Wheel Chair

In Hillsboro Co., Fl. a female deputy DUMPS a quadraplegic on his face because she doesn't believe he is paralyzed.

If this guy was a member of my family or a friend of mine then the deputy who dumped him could look forward to a wheel chair of her on....and she would be getting off easy. I'd flat fuck that bitch up!

What's up with these cruel, sadistic fuckwads wearing badges? Is anyone else sick of their senseless brutality?


Molech's Nightmare said...

I'm with you Loretta, these Nazi thugs are running out of time really fast. Thier days are numbered.

Mark said...

That looks like a clear cut case of police brutality. I hope that guy sues the crap out of that department and officer.