Friday, February 08, 2008

More on Mobile cops busted with drugs

A new article in the Press-Register this morning lays out more details in the case of two Mobile cops being busted with drugs they took off the streets.

According to the article...

An affidavit used to obtain a warrant to search Brooks' home and vehicle said the police received information that Brooks was involved in illegal "shake downs," when answering calls involving possible drugs or money. "Specifically that Officer Brooks was unlawfully seizing money and converting it to his personal use," the affidavit said.

The affidavit, obtained from the Mobile County District Attorney's Office, describes how two undercover officers set up Brooks to see if he would take drugs and money without reporting it.

Brooks took the bait and did not report what he found, according to the affidavit. Brooks, an eight-year veteran of the force, was arrested Wednesday afternoon after officers searched his home and found a few grams of crack-cocaine and about $360 in cash, said Deputy Chief Jim Barber. According to the affidavit, $360 was the amount of money left in a vacant house as bait to see if Brooks would take it.

Brooks arrived on the scene and talked with the informant, then retrieved the drugs and money from the vacant house and put it in his police cruiser, according to affidavit.

Brooks never reported seizing either the drugs or the money, and did not turn them in to the department's property or evidence section, the affidavit said.

The story goes on to say....

Brooks, of Theodore, was released on $8,500 in bail on two felony counts of possession of a controlled substance, a charge of theft of lost property and one misdemeanor count of possession of marijuana. Brooks is scheduled to attend a preliminary hearing on Feb. 20.

Porter was released on $5,000 in bail on a felony charge of possession of a controlled substance.

When is the last time the average dude on the street selling crack got a bond that low? How come they got such a low bond? Man, that really pisses me off. These scum are NOT entitled to special treatment.

And here is the real kicker...

Garret said the squad should be relieved that Porter and Brooks have been suspended, because their actions have brought embarrassment and discredit to the department. However, it wasn't easy for officers to arrest two of their own, Garrett said.

"We do have compassion for them," he said.

What about compassion for the people who succumb to temptation that don't wear a fucking badge? Where is the compassion for the regular folks caught doing the same thing? Are corrupt cops worthy of more compassion that regular people? A regular balck dude found with 'less than an ounce of crack and $360 in cash' would likely have been tasered, tackled, hauled to jail and given a $100,000 or higher bond. I've seen them go as high as a million in pissant drug cases....yet these cops get out of jail on what really amounts to pocket change.

I don't normally advocate jail for drug offenses.....but I do when it involves corrupt cops being found with the drugs that they have arrested and jailed people for. I wonder how many cases they have testified in resulting in imprisonment for others? I hope these guys get placed in general population for a long, long time.

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