Sunday, February 17, 2008

New Sidebar Section


I have added a new catergory to the sidebar of the blog titled "Alabama Orgs. Worth Supporting". All of these are non-profit, grass-roots organizations working on issues like drug policy reform, helping inmate mothers, judicial reform, poverty and constitutional reform. For the purpose of transparency I am executive director of Alabamians for Compassionate Care and Alabama Court Watch. If you know of other non-profits that I might support but aren't listed here please send me a link and a brief description of the organization and I'll consider linking them up.

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Don said...

Thanks for including a link in your side bare to my website which deals solely with the issue of helping to make Alabama the 25th Initiative and Referendum state so that those of us who own our government and pay for it might have a voice in how our government operates. I hope others will join us and many other Alabamians in making that become a reality in the near future by telling their legislators to work toward getting HB243 passed in this session of our legislature – and telling them that if they don’t they may be out of office after the 2010 elections.