Sunday, February 17, 2008

This is Beautiful!

From the Birmingham News

Volunteer program at Tutwiler Prison for Women helps inmates read and record books for children and grandchildren

For the last five years the program Aid to Inmate Mothers has had women incarcerated at Tutwiler in Wetumpka record bedtime stories for their children and grand-children. I think this is absolutely wonderful. I read tomy children from the time I discovered I was pregnant until they told me they were too old for a bedtime story. I firmly believe that is one of the main reasons I have such awesome kids, who to this day, love to read more than anything.

I can't imagine what it means to a child, who's mother is in prison, to still be able to hear her voice at bedtime. Things like this help to strengthen the fragile bond between mom's in jail and kids left in the outside world to fend for themselves. I plan to get involved with Aid to Inmate Mother's and to volunteer for this program and any others that they have.

If you would like to know more about AIM then please visit website.

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