Tuesday, March 04, 2008

HB196 Debate

LISTEN HERE (this part of the debate is over now)IT'S FASCINATING! And HYSTERICAL!

Rep. Mac Gipson - We need better beer to provide to our growing international business community settling in Alabama. Told a story about having to go to Ft. Walton beach to get beer for some Korean's who he was in charge of wooing.
(Shit...guess I need to import some Jamaicans)

Rep. Richard Laird - Beer, whores and gamblin'. Sinful. Foller Jeeeeeeeesus. What about the children? Lets all go back to outright prohibition. Vote down the BIR and kill all discussion. Push the red button.

Rep. Ken Guin - Gee, no young people have called me about the bill.

Rep. Thomas Jackson - This is about choices. If we are gonna continue to call ourselves Americans then we need to make our own choices...(and then a very relevant scripture.)

Rep. Ken Guin - Rep. Jackson do you remember when you were a kid...did you buy the $10 bottle of beer or the .50 cent bottle of beer.

Rep. Thomas Jackson - The .50 cent beer...from the boot legger.

Rep. Ken Guin - Those counties in Alabama that sell alcohol deserve the right to choose. Do you want a legal market or an illegal market (Damn how come he can't apply that logic to weed?)

Rep. Bridges of Chambers Co. - Reading a note from Dan Ireland "HB196 this provides for beer to have 13.9% alcohol. It is a danger to our youth. This beer comes from other countries. Alcohol is the number 1 killer of our youth. Vote no on the BIR."
(Bridges)- This bill is a shame. We have to preserve something for our youth. It is wrong. How dare religious people push alcohol. How dare you put this alcohol to the lips of kids. I got a call from the LA Times wanting to know if I was still gonna vote against that bill? Why does anyone in LA care? They want to hurt our children. It's all about money. Reading an article from the UK. blah blah blah ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz
These kids will steal it from their parents (so we must outlaw it for everybody. (Geez Louise!) Our kids have a right to grow up in this country without being killed on the streets....(so lets outlaw beer for everyone.) For the children vote NO.

And the vote is ----- 57 Ayes and 37 NAYS the BIR is adopted

WOOT!! Great work FTH!!

One of them just said "I am a Christian and I say the HOPS SHOULD BE FREE!"

Rep. Alvin Holmes - Vote against the bill cuz the beer we got drank pretty good don't it?"
(Sit down Alvin)

Rep. Jackson - You drink Scotch don't you?

Rep. Holmes - Yea but I won't drank that. The problem with Democrats in Alabama is they want to introduce bill's like this...so make a white Democrat introduce it. They always want black ones to introduce it. (Now he's rambling about Jesus and the fish and loaves of bread)...........we got plenty beer, liquor, wine in Alabama...nuff to cover everybody. I'm from a well respected family...a Christian family...blah blah blah....Rep. jackson who ask you to introduce this bill?

Rep. Jackson - Free the Hops

Rep. Holmes - Who is Free the Hops?

Rep. Jackson - Some German's who have moved to Alabama with the Mercedes plant and who will be coming into Mobile with Thyssenkrup. They want beer from home.

Rep. Holmes - So, if Ashad from Syria ask you to introduce a bill you gone do it?

Rep. Jackson - Ashad from Syria ain't investing money in the state of Alabama

(Really Alvin sit down....make sense or sit your ass down. And didn't the Montgomery cops find you passed out behind the wheel of your vehicle on the Eastern Bypass a few years back?)

HB196 PASSES!!!! 48 Ayes 40 NO's

That is probably one of the most entertaining exchanges I have listened to in a long time.



Christie said...

That's awesome. But what I don't understand about these Bible beating politicians is they are more likely to vote yay on that than our medical marijuana bill. Alcohol kills people!

"Rep. Ken Guin - Those counties in Alabama that sell alcohol deserve the right to choose. Do you want a legal market or an illegal market (Damn how come he can't apply that logic to weed?)"

I just don't get it.

Brian Allen said...

Next time you are in Huntsville, you should stop in The Nook (www.thenookbar.com). I would buy you a beer.

I agree on the Alvin comment.

- Brian

Loretta Nall said...

You're on Mr. Allen. My hope is that Parkbrau will be imported from Germany. It is my absolute favorite beer.

As to Alvin....I usually find him hysterical (and I did today) but was very surprised that he rose in opposition and tried to make it a race issue. He is a trip. For all of his anti-racism and civil rights work the "ashad from Syria" comment sounded damn racist to me. Shame on Alvin!

KentAllard said...

Loved Jackson's comeback, though "Ashad from Syria ain't investing money in the state of Alabama". That's hysterical. Also nice to see Ken Guin, who I've known for a long time, on the right side of an issue for a change.

Anonymous said...

There was so much lack of knowledge being thrown around in this debate it was hilarious but sad. I mean, our own sponsor (Jackson) said FTH was started by a bunch of Germans. We're freakin' Alabamians!

And there were so many pros who focused on tourism, visitors, etc. I'm a freakin' Alabamian who wants good beer, mostly made in America. What about what I want? Germans, Koreans, Ahab or whoever will benefit from the freedom of choice to have a good beer. But we are Alabamians for Specialty Beer, not Germans, Koreans, Georgians, New Yorkers, etc.

Well, for all the foolishness I'm quite pleased it passed. On to the Senate. Hopefully they'll be a little more well read than their House counterparts.

Loretta Nall said...

I gasped when Rep. Jackson said "A bunch of YOUNG Germans". The word YOUNG was the absolute wrong one to use in discussion of this bill.

I have learned from Stuart Carter that the senate version of this bill is SB116. Hopefully we will know today when we can expect it to come up in Senate.

I am also very curious to know how the beer tasting went last night. I'm sure there'll be a good story or three from that little party. I hate that I was unable to make it down for that.

Anonymous said...

We had a great turnout to the tasting - more than 100, possibly as many as 150, with a lot of representatives and a small but influential group of Senators as well :)

Stuart Carter

Loretta Nall said...

I just called Rep. Betty Carol Graham's (my rep) office to thank her for her vote. Some gentleman in her office talked about how many calls they had gotten and how much he had enjoyed the beer tasting last night.

He said some of it was so bitter he couldn't drink it....but that there was a peach one from Belgium that was 'delightful'!

Y'all did a hell of a job from 'shroud to LOUD'

Please now consider helping me BEAT THIS ONE TO DEATH QUICK the judiciary meeting begins in less than an hour.

Loretta Nall said...

And I just gotta say that my favorite line was from a Black representative who rose and said

"I'm a Christian and I say The Hops Should Be Free!"

He said it in a black-preacher-sing-song-gettin-down-on-Sunday-mornin' AMEN voice! I almost died. It was a classic and unforgettable moment in Alabama politics.

As mad as the legislature makes me sometimes I can almost forgive them just for the vast amount of entertainment value they provide.

Does anyone have an audio recording of it?

KentAllard said...

The lege is entertaining, it's just the entertainment is way too expensive!

Semi-Concerned Citizen said...

very entertaining.

debate popular said...

Quite entertaining and fun. Worth reading.