Thursday, March 06, 2008

An Update on the Salvia Bill SB15

In yesterday's Senate Judiciary CMTE meeting SB15 was slated to come up for a vote. I put the word out to my crew to call all members of the Senate Judiciary committee and tell them to vote NO on the bill to outlaw salvia and apply the same penalties as are currently imposed on cannabis consumers. We have plenty of folk in jail...thank you!

I do not know what happened to the bill. It was not reported on in the Montgomery Advertiser's "Summary of Action" and all it says on ALISON is that the bill is pending action in the house of origin.

Whether that means all the phone calls made the clowns in our senate stop and actually consider what they were about to do or whether it means they just didn't get around to that particular bill yesterday I haven't a clue.

I would have already called today but had to go to Birmingham and when I got back I put my dog outside in his fence where he promptly escaped and began tearing up and down the road terrorizing the neighbors. I finally caught him after an hour in a neighbor's yard terrorizing their sweet baby girl German Shepherd. She looks to be about 10 weeks old and she followed me home so I have her in the house until her owners return from work because she will get smashed in the road otherwise. Man she is PRECIOUS and will make a great girlfriend for Saul when she is old enough. I'll be telling the owners when I return her that if they ever want to get rid of her to PLEASE let me know.

Here is a very bad photo of her at my feet like the loyal, sweet thing her breed is known for being.

As soon as I find out about the salvia bill I'll post an update.


Brandon Wynn said...

How could that little guy terrorize anybody?? Thanks for the attention you've brought to this bill. As for as I can tell, this blog is the only source of information about it. Keep up the good work!

Loretta Nall said...

Oh...I wasn't talking about the little dog in this blog post. That is the sweetie that followed us home. I was talking about my big, scary, monster Saul.

And you are most welcome for the information on this bill and any others that I keep up with. I am thankful that people are reading and learning. That is my main goal. To educate and raise awareness.

That is part of the problem. People are simply uneducated, unaware and mostly uninterested about what is going on in the legislature and about how to become involved to change things.

The reality is that almost no one cares until something affects them directly. Even I had to taste the jackboot before I decided to become engaged in the process.

Will you be at the awards dinner on Tuesday evening?

Brandon Wynn said...

I won't be at the dinner, that's reserved for those above my pay grade. Lowly Web editor here ... somebody has to stay in the office to make sure the s*#t doesn't hit the proverbial fan. Thanks for asking though, hope you enjoy it ... the lectures I've attended in the past have always been very interesting.

Loretta Nall said...

That's too bad. I was hoping to meet you.

Brandon Wynn said...

Another article about salvia divinorum, this time it's the AP weighing in.;_ylt=Ame514cCMTnVEa3hPe68aSms0NUE

Problem is that they have their facts wrong.

First of all, they say effects last for up to an hour. While now incorrect they should have noted that an hour would only be achieved through quidding, or chewing the leaves, where smoking it lasts only 5-20 mins.

Also, the story states that "A liquid extract from the plant, salvinorin A, is also sold in various strengths labeled '5x' through '60x.'" There is no such thing as 5x through 60x liquid extract. They confused liquid extract with just salvia extract.

National AP coverage about salvia divinorum will not only accelerate its use but will also make it more well-known to children, adults, lawmakers and law enforcement. Nothing good can come from this article.

Please keep us informed about Alabama's legal status. Thanks.