Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Government-Loving Boot Lickers!

The Mobile Press-Register has a ridiculous editorial in today's paper in support of the REAL ID Act...They say it isn't invasive enough!!?@%^

They also imply that those who oppose the REAL ID Act are either liberal or if there is something wrong with that. If 'conservative' now means that you bend over every time your rights are taken away then I am glad to be labeled as something else. Anything else.

Funny thing is...the sponsor of HJR13, which opposes REAL ID in Alabama, is none other than Rep. Cam Ward, a Republican. A very good Republican, I might add, who still mostly works from the foundation of what the Republican party used to be based on. Small, un-intrusive government, protecting constitutional rights and civil liberties and fiscal conservatism. Any Republican in Alabama willing to adhere to those principals needs our support.

I invite the writer of the editorial to be the first in line to have all of their information entered into the REAL ID database. Being such an obvious government-loving boot-licker and all I'm sure they won't mind dropping trou and bending over for the Department of Homeland Security.

I, however, will keep my pants on, stand upright and continue to support legislation in Alabama that pretty much tells DHS and Uncle Sam where to get off on REAL ID. I hope that you will do the same. And do it QUICKLY!

Write a letter to the editor in response to this pro-government, anti-Constitution swill. Click Here to send a letter

Here's my letter to the editor.


KentAllard said...

Who wrote this swill of an editorial? I love the snide remark about imaginary threats to civil liberties. Jebus. Also, I've never considered libertarian to be the opposite of liberal. It is neither liberal nor conservative, but focused on individual rights against the government and I think you can be a "liberal-libertarian" or a "conservative-libertarian". Just my 2 cents, not worth as much as 2 Canadian cents these days.

Loretta Nall said...

Whoever wrote it didn't have the courage to sign their name. I wouldn't have signed mine to that either. I wouldn't have written it in the first place.

You are correct on the meaning of Libertarian as well.

When are you going to write a new blog post? I check every day in hopes of a laugh fix. This world is a hard place man...I need my giggles.

KentAllard said...

Just posted some slight blather, should have something longer in a day or two. There's this person called "boss" who has insisted I do a lot of something called "work." this whole thing mystifies me, but this work concept seems to have some tie to my paycheck, so I've been busy. Things should be back to normal soon.