Wednesday, April 09, 2008

More from the garden

We got our first garden row laid out with our new tiller. I drove it for the first time last night and that is one powerful beast...let me tell you. It was all I could do to hang on. Self-propelled indeed!

Anyway, this morning I hoed up more rocks and roots, laid out the row and planted lettuce, bell pepper and broccoli. Here are some pictures.

Row of pepper, lettuce and broccoli

Red Bell Pepper



JalapeƱo Pepper


Brandywine Tomato

Smaller Cherry Tomatoes

Corn - Silver Queen

Cherry Tomato

More Broccoli

Grape Vine

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Don said...

Loretta, you’re not alone in blogging about gardening. Kathy has gotten numerous comments on her post @

It may work, but I've never tried to transplant corn.

Your soil must be much more sandy than my red clay, or else you've not had as much rain as I have. My ground is still so wet that the only thing I have planted is tomatoe plants in large pots filled with "Mater Dirt". Yep, that's actually its name and it was developed by Auburn University.

It looks like your tiller does a good job of pulverizing and leveling the soil in the row.

Is that a muscadine vine or a domesticated grape of some sort?