Thursday, April 17, 2008

Update on HB601

Yesterday when HB601 a bill that would require permits for stun guns came up in judiciary I didn't think a vote had been taken on it and I thought it had been tabled. I was wrong.

What happened with the bill is that the permit nonsense was removed from the language of the bill (VICTORY!) and the bill was changed to say that people under 18 and those convicted of a felony can not own stun guns. I heard all of that during the debate but never saw the committee vote on the bill, which is very odd because I was sitting in the second row.

Anyway, this bill will come before the full house today. I don't really care for the prohibition on convicted felons. You can be convicted of a felony for a few bad checks. Why should that mean you have to give up the right to defend yourself? I understand that you wouldn't want to sell one to a person with a violent history but including all felons is too big of a blanket to cast.

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