Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Alabama Police Corruption Abounds

McIntosh Police Chiefs Son Faces Second Review of Actions

The son of McIntosh's police chief already under investigation for beating and Tasering a driver during a traffic stop in March has again been placed under review for firing a gun at a motorcycle during a police chase Sunday, authorities said.

Officer Blaine Barnett, son of Chief Michael Barnett, fired a single shot into the front tire of a motorcycle being chased by police on U.S. 43, authorities said.

Video of Blaine Barnett beating and tasering driver.

Sounds to me like Daddy's boy needs his ass handed to him. I'm sure his day will come.

And in the northern part of the state....

Two Hunstville Officers indicted for evidence tampering, false reporting, drugs

And in Pickens Co.....

Judge Ira D. Colvin sentenced to 50 months for meth possession

Aren't our men in blue and those who wear the robes just a swell bunch of role models and upstanding citizens ? So swell, in fact, that they are qualified to arrest, pass judgment and imprison others for crimes they themselves commit?


Chris F. said...

I'm very familiar with you from the past campaigns you've run, but this is the first time I've contacted you. Keep up the great work and hopefully we'll see you in office soon.

Anonymous said...

Bah, with power comes corruption, and all that. It's inevitable.

Anonymous said...

mdm-adph said...
Bah, with power comes corruption, and all that. It's inevitable.

Of course it does, but your comment sounds a bit apathetic to me.

What also needs to be inevitable are loud, annoying, and tenacious people to hold these politician's and civil servant's feet to the flames. The News' coverage of the 2 year college scandal is a bright shining example.