Tuesday, May 06, 2008

In the Alabama House Today

Here is the Special Order Calendar for the House session that begins today at 1 p.m.. You can and should listen here

One particular bill I would like to ask my readers to support is HB829 by
Representative Holmes: HB829 Hate crimes, motivated by victim's sexual orientation, additional penalties imposed, Sec. 13A-5-13 am'd.

HB829 would add sexual orientation to already existing hate crime laws we have in this state. I have a lot of gay friends and it is appalling to me that we have hate crimes laws that protect buildings (i.e...churches) but not the actual lives of people simply because they are gay.

I used to be against this type of legislation because I was of the opinion that we already have laws on the books against murder...but if we are going to have hate crimes laws based on race, faith and so forth then gay people should have the same protection as a structure with a cross on the outside...at the very fucking least!

These are human lives we are talking about here people.

Please contact your representative and ask them to vote YES on HB829.

Don't know who your rep is? Click here to find them by zip code.


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