Friday, May 23, 2008

The Pugilist Kitty

A new, fat, butterball kitten emerged at my house a few days ago. I think it may be one of the cutest I have ever seen. I got the following shot yesterday. My daughter said it belongs on LOL Cats. I think she may be right. He looks like he is about to knock me into next week. Even has his mouth set in a frown. Hehehehee.

Saul, my giant German Shepherd, is utterly fascinated with the newest member of the Nall clan. He searches for it every time we go outside. If he hears it meowing while inside he will stand at the door and cry to go out. I've held the kitty for him to investigate. All he wants to do is lick it. Reminds me of that old Looney Toons cartoon with the big ol mean bulldog wearing a spiked collar and the little stray kitty that gets left on his owners doorstep and the dog falls in love with it. I think Saul would bring it in and let it claw around on his back just like the cartoon kitty did if I would let him.

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