Friday, May 23, 2008


I can't be reading this headline correctly.....from the BHAM News

Alabama attorney general to sue two-year college's ex-chancellor

Friday, May 23, 2008
News staff writer

MONTGOMERY - Attorney General Troy King said Thursday that he will file a civil lawsuit against indicted former two-year college Chancellor Roy Johnson and others to recover money "stolen" from the state.

Johnson pleaded guilty last month to receiving nearly $1 million in kickbacks for himself, his family and friends while working in the college system.

"The crimes to which they have admitted constitute a monumental fraud and abuse of the postsecondary education system, and diverted funds that were needed for junior colleges and trade schools to educate and train our citizens for the betterment of their lives and of our state," King said in statement issued by his office. "To the fullest extent within my power and under the law, I will do everything I can to see that these losses are restored to the State of Alabama for the benefit of our people."

Now, if I recall correctly, Attorney General Troy King helped Johnson dispense with some of that cash by requesting a job in the two-year college system for the mother of one of his employees. Didn't King hand off the two year college corruption probe case to the St. Clair Co. district attorney because of that very thing? And whatever became of that, by the way? Seems it has fallen off of every radar screen in the state.

King and Miriam Shehane tried to further secure pieces of the pie by requesting grants from Johnson for Shehane's group VOCAL.

Yet, the brief blurb in the BHAM News fails to mention any of that. They only report that King is prosecuting Johnson.

I'm really confused by this. How can King prosecute to recover money from Johnson when he stepped aside in the corruption probe after he himself asked for some of the loot from Johnson?

That'd be like King prosecuting me for purchasing that blow up pig which he accepted as a gift.

Only in Alabama!

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