Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Oh Yeah!

Montgomery Advertiser
Montgomery police arrested a 17-year-old girl in connection with the shooting of another 17-year-old girl Monday evening.

Olivia Washington, 17, of 3450 Wilmington Road is charged with assault second degree.

The victim told police a car drove up to the 100 block of East Woodland Drive at 6:55 p.m. and the passenger fired a handgun. The victim suffered gunshot wounds to both thighs. The injuries were not life threatening, said Capt. Huey Thornton, a police spokesman.

Officers spotted the blue Ford Mustang "Kool-Aid" car and took Washington into custody along with the driver, Erica Brown, 20, of 4312 Amherst Drive, Thornton said.

Brown also faces an assault second degree charge. Both were taken to the Montgomery County Detention Facility.

The incident apparently stemmed from an ongoing dispute between the two teenagers, Thornton said.

-- Scott Johnson

I imagine the conversation leading up to this went something like...."Come on gimmie a ride....They ain't gone know who did it....I mean how they gone know who did it?"

And why, pray tell, would you ride around with the freakin Kool-Aid man on your car?


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