Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Great Letter in Montgomery Advertiser today!!

Marijuana Fight Not Worth Resources

Chief Baylor said the Montgomery Crime Reduction Team over the past year seized about 40 pounds of marijuana.

Nationwide, the war on drugs has spawned paramilitary police forces using automatic rifles, concussion grenades, armored personnel vehicles and no-knock warrants to seize assets from nonviolent criminals under forfeiture laws that flagrantly violate the Fourth Amendment.

All that to seize marijuana and put a few recreational pot smokers behind bars, costing taxpayers $30 to $50 a day.

I have nothing but praise for Chief Baylor and his officers who are doing their jobs. I have nothing but disgust for a society nearly $10 trillion in debt with violent crime threatening people in their homes wasting scarce police resources on pot smokers enjoying themselves and harming no one. Don't forget that Slick Willie, Dubya and Obama admit having used marijuana.

President Bush should surrender in our war on marijuana. He owes that to his fellow pot smokers who didn't have well-connected daddies to get their drug violations expunged from police records so they could be elected president.
Joe Boyett

Bravo Mr. Boyett. I couldn't have written a better letter myself.


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