Monday, July 21, 2008

Ummm..Isn't that what police are supposed to do?

In a story in the Atmore Advance the sheriff of Escambia Co. had the following lament about what drug task force funding cuts have reduced those fearless, hard-working, men in blue to.

“The city police officers in our county are busy answering calls about speeders, thefts and other things and don’t have time to set up and work on drug cases,” Smith said.

Oh the shame! The OUTRAGE!
God forbid they should actually have to work a real call on a real crime with a real victim when there are so many victimless crimes out there to waste police resources on.

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The Ripley Porch said...

Someone ought to start a blog site for folks to comment on their local cops in Bama...whose only occupation is either speed traps, drug busts, or drinkers in a dry county.

I grew up in a dry Bama county (which shall remain nameless), and left at 18. My brother still lives there. The former cop of the small town next him used spend 80 percent of his time on dry county make up for his pitiful monthly pay. The whole area is suffering from robberies...mostly related to meth users. The new cop came in, and immediately made robberies his number one project...but most doubt he stays more than a year or so...because he's not making much on pay, and lagging on the dry county violations.