Monday, July 21, 2008

Update on John Alexander Rochester Case

With all of the hoopla surrounding the Troy King rumors I have neglected to keep everyone updated on the case of John Alexander Rochester.

When I last posted about this case I was waiting on the 'story' that the Clay Times Journal supposedly ran about Rochester's arrest. To date I have not been sent a copy. I also have not received a call from the editor/publisher, even though I gave them my phone number, as requested. However, I was able to find someone in Clay County with a copy of the paper in question.

The Clay Times Journal DID NOT run a 'story' on John Alexander Rochester's arrest for trafficking drugs at the city park like they did on this guy or this guy. They ran the police blotter, merely stating that an arrest was made, the name of the person arrested and the charges. There is a HUGE difference.

It is abundantly clear that the Clay Times Journal has zero journalistic integrity, care nothing for actually keeping the citizen's of Clay County informed about what is happening in their community and are extremely biased, as they chose to write articles about a Hispanic male getting drugs through the post office, another guy (race unknown) getting caught with meth while taking a leak in the woods but NOT the story of the judges son caught selling drugs at the park where the children of Clay County play. Note that the main difference in the three men in question is that two of them are not the offspring of the presiding judge in Clay County.

Personally, I think the story of the John Alexander Rochester selling hard drugs at the city park is of far more importance to the community and certainly more newsworthy than a Hispanic guy getting drugs for himself through the post office or someone possessing meth for personal use. Neither the Hispanic guy nor the guy caught with meth were trafficking them at the city park and the fathers of these two guys never sentenced anyone to long, torturous years in a government cage for drug use. Yet we know all about them and the circumstances surrounding their arrests....but we have yet to hear a word other than a small police blotter report about John Alexander Rochester's case or the circumstances surrounding his arrest.

I've just finished up my complaint against Judge Simpson to the Judicial Inquiry Commission and will be sending it off today pending a look over by an attorney friend of mine. I am also working on one against Judge John Rochester. Since he presides over that Court it was his duty to make sure that Simpson recused himself and, as we know, Simpson did not.

Their arrogance is astounding. The way they have handled this case says that they believe they are above the law, can do whatever they want and are confident that citizens are too stupid to figure out when there is some judicial buggery afoot.

I've got one word for them.


I don't remember exactly how long it took for me to get a ruling when I filed a complaint against Judge Kim Taylor in 2004. I don't remember it taking very long. I will keep everyone posted on any correspondence with the Alabama Judicial Inquiry Commission as well as any new developments in this case.

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