Saturday, July 19, 2008

Montgomery Advertiser to cover Troy King's salary

This is old news in the blogosphere but, apparently, Troy King has come up for air. The Montgomery Advertiser will run an interview of Troy King by the AP's Phillip Rawls tomorrow about the astronomical amount of money the King makes. Here is the teaser.

Alabama Attorney General Makes a Pretty Penny

Alabama is poor, but Attorney General Troy King isn’t.
King, a Republican, earns about $164,000 a year, second only to his California counterpart Jerry Brown. Brown’s pay is $184,000.
The state of New York, like California, is known for a big population, a bigger cost of living and a much bigger burden of caseloads in state courts. Its attorney general comes in a distant third at $155,500.
Alabama’s top law enforcement officer rakes in more than four times as much as an average state taxpayer, almost $50,000 more than an average state attorney general and about two-thirds more than a run-of-the mill lawyer.
The attorney general’s salary is tied to the salaries of associate justices on the Alabama Supreme Court — and they do all right, too. Their salaries rank seventh among American justices.
For all the details, see Sunday's Montgomery Advertiser, or visit

-- posted by Tom Ensey


paulie said...

I think it's actually Troy Kink, or is that Toy Kink?

My take:

The Ripley Porch said...

A dang good blog...I must admit. It almost has me admitting a desire to return to Bama, to smell the flowers, to listen to the idiot political hacks, to watch the local corruption up close and personal, and to watch for tornado warnings weekly. Well...almost.