Thursday, August 07, 2008

Troy King Round-Up August 7

WZTV Nashville
Alabama AG seeks stronger cockfighting law
The headline was just too good to pass up. Of all the things to take a stand on right now this would have to be the absolute worst. Cockfighting? Oh Dear God you couldn't make this stuff up! Is Troy going PETA on us?

Montgomery Advertiser
King Pay Practices Questionable

Who's Running for Gov. in 2010?
An editorial in the Wetumpka Herald names names of the potential candidates for gov. in 2010...compares Troy King to Barney Fife. I don't think Barney deserved that! Mentions Kaye Ivey who is a hateful, intolerant old bat that I wouldn't vote for dog catcher after this.

I heard from a source in the Attorney General's office that none of the other staff knew about JW Godwin's enormous salary, that most are very upset about it and that the morale in the office is very low because of it. I also heard from this same source that Troy King and JW Godwin haven't been to the office in a while....they've just kind of disappeared.

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