Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Tomato. Sandwich. ADDICT!

Above is a picture of my coveted Brandywine tomatoes. Since they started coming in about three weeks ago I have become a total tomato sandwich addict. It's a very pleasant seasonal affliction that only comes round once a year for about three months. A tomato sandwich is all I want to eat. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. In between meal snacks and for dessert. They are soooo yummy! Easy to make too and preparation doesn't heat up the house. Slice a slab of mater off, lather some mayo on a slice of bread, add tomato slice, salt, pepper and the other bread slice and eat up! I can't get enough.

One slice of my brandywine is so large that you almost have to mash the bread slice out to fit the tomato. They are so juicy that when you bite into it the juice runs down your chin.

I wish I could share with y'all...but I'm greedy when it comes to my Brandywine's.


Don said...

I’m drooling, jealous, and angry because spider mites have invaded my tomato plants so much that I won’t have any tomatos from my own garden this year. They also killed my snap bean plants before they even produced the first bean. At least they haven’t affected my muscadines which are getting ripe and sweet now.

Loretta Nall said...

Should'a got some of that neem oil. It works. I have tomatoes running out my ears. I had very few garden pests this year. The only one of note was the small green worms that bore holes in tomatoes and squash but sevin dust took care of them.

Don said...

I tried to find out where to get some neem oil. The only source I could find was online from Planet Natural ( in California and I figured that by the time it got here it would be too late anyway. Where did you get yours?

Loretta Nall said...

I didn't have to use any this year...but the last time I ordered some I got it from here

Bob King said...

You know, that looks like it would be even better with some really old crumbly white cheddar sprinkled on it and a few leaves of butter lettuce.

Or as a grilled BLT. Yum!