Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Daily Dixie, my favorite Alabama blog, calls it quits!

I wish you well Dan...but no matter what your reason for throwing in the blogging towel it still SUX!


KentAllard said...

Bad, bad news.

Loretta Nall said...

Yeah I was really sad to see that happen. I hope that he returns soon.

I'm not sure I could ever stop blogging. I've briefly considered it before...very briefly and immediately dismissed it as 'crazy'.

The Ripley Porch said...

To be a successful blogger...and take on serious issues....to toss a grape or two at folks....or a watermelon on occasion....then you have to be anonymous. Alot of these guys simply don't want to do this...once they began to get rid daily by a hundred folks or more. And when the journalists come around to quote you....it just gets you into deeper water.

There are way too many folks in Bama today who read blogs....and take them "dang" serious....and start blasting folks...with emails or even telephone calls. If you write terrible words on Karl Rove....you get a handful of hostile Republicans on your tail. Then you wrote some nasty things about local Democratic political figures...and you get more folks upset.

The key to a successful blog...is that you just barely hint where you live, and never mention a word about your name. Forget the picture business...just put a bad drawing up on yourself, and be happy with that.

For Daily Dixie....a bit of advice. Take six months off and sip some ice tea. Come the Alabama-Auburn game....open a new blog up....call it some simple....like "If Bear were Here", and then be totally anonymous in nature. Just like Mr. Wrestling Number Two...wear a fake mask and walk around pretending to be secretive. Be happy commenting like you used to....but mysteriously. I'd even buy a wrestling mask as part of my outfit.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above comment. Several bloggers (nationally) have stated they were personally threatened and stalked as the result of the views on their blogs. Their blogs also came under intense scrutiny once their identity was disclosed.

I thought Dan was brave to disclose his identity and be so open with his views, but in the evil south that can be dangerous and stressful.

Note: I love the south, but there are some really nasty "christians" living here and it is dangerous to announce Obama will win or Karl Rove was wrong or Siegleman was framed or anything like that--not that this is what Dan did.

My point is that, with honesty and identity, you bring stress to yourself in the blogosphere.

I personally will miss DailyDixie.

Dan said...

I never received a threat I took seriously. I was just bored with it. I started blogging because I liked politics and liked having a forum where it was appropriate for me to vent about it (I've learned not to do it at work... or at my in-laws).