Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Happy/Sad Birthday To Me

Today is my 34th birthday. It is also the day my firstborn son leaves home for Alabama School of Math and Science. Having a child accepted to ASMS is about as good a birthday present you can get. We are so proud of him for all of his amazing academic achievements. A 29 on his ACT. A 4.0 grade average. Having to turn loose of him on today, of all days, is beyond hard. I am a crying wreck and I am gonna miss my boy so bad that mere words will never be able to adaquately describe the empty ache left in Mama's nest.

I know we will adjust eventually but the first little bit is gonna be so hard on his little sister, dad, mom and Snoot who adores Alex like he is the sun and moon.

I love you kid. I know you will study hard and do well, but regardless of what happens from here on out please know that I am already proud of you.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Loretta, and Congratulations to your son!

Don said...


KentAllard said...

Happy belated birthday, Loretta!