Thursday, August 07, 2008

The John Edwards Saga

I don't normally cite tabloids in the things I write and I am not a reader of the National Enquirer, although I admit to glancing at it while in the check out line....but sometimes the NE breaks a real news story that MSM won't touch until AFTER NE breaks it. Such is the case with John Edwards, the former Senator from North Carolina and 2004 - 2008 presidential candidate. He has been accused of having an affair with a campaign staffer and fathering her child. The National Enquirer has been covering this story for months but the mainstream media has largely left it alone.

Until now and because of this....


From McClatchy and Mark Johnson of the Charlotte Observer

RALEIGH, N.C. — Former Sen. John Edwards has a deadline to save his spot on the national stage.

With two weeks to go before their national convention, a number of Democrats are saying that Edwards needs to publicly address National Enquirer stories that have alleged he had an affair with a campaign worker and fathered her baby.

If Edwards fails to clear up the story in short order, he risks party officials deciding not to have him speak or, if they do, creating a distraction from a week focused on Barack Obama accepting the nomination.

"If there is not an explanation that’s satisfactory, acceptable and meets high moral standards, the answer is 'no,' he would not be a prime candidate to make a major address to the convention," said Don Fowler, a former Democratic National Committee chair.

"He absolutely does have to (resolve it). If it's not true, he has to issue a stronger denial," said Gary Pearce, the Democratic strategist who ran Edwards’ 1998 Senate race. "It's a very damaging thing. …

"The big media has tried to be responsible and handle this with kid gloves, but it's clearly getting ready to bust out. If it's not true, he's got to stand up and say, 'This is not true. That is not my child and I'm going to take legal action against the people who are spreading these lies.' It's not enough to say, 'That’s tabloid trash,' " Pearce said.

Edwards' political currency declines with each day the story goes unresolved, Fowler and other Democratic strategists said.

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There are so many parallels between this story and the Troy King/JW Godwin Gay story. What Democratic operatives are saying Edwards should do is what many people in Alabama think Troy King should do about the rumors still circulating concerning him and JW Godwin. Either deny it or fess up. But Troy is keeping his silence and apparently employing the same strategy as Edwards. Troy has even referred to blogs as tabloid internet websites in the past. Sounds like they have the same person giving them bad advice.

I think most of us agree that Troy King's political currency declines the longer this story is out there without any response. But, that isn't a bad thing if you ask me. The smaller the chance of him holding some future elected office that has any power over my life the better my life will be.

Atta boy Troy!! SHHHHHHHH!!!


Anonymous said...

It's his business, but not for long. The courts will be asking John Edwards soon about his new love child. John Edwards is an adulterer. He should not have to tell anyone about it. It's his business...of course, it's only a matter of time before Rielle Hunter goes to court for a child support settlement. That will be public record. Then, Elizabeth Edwards will also want a divorce settlement. Then again, John Edwards made his close friend claim to be the impregnator of Rielle Hunter. John Edwards' friend, who has a family, has forever ruined his reputation in a desperate bid to save John Edwards. Of course, if John Edwards was the VP, then he'd be blackmailed because they're obviously other people who have evidence of his cheating. Then, again, how long has John Edwards been cheating on his wife with other women? Lastly, John Edwards has totally humiliated his dying wife and his poor children, who will forever be defined by their father's lust. Wow, maybe John Edwards needs to drop out of politics. He's just not a very good role model for being a father or a husband. What a way to fall from grace!!!

Loretta Nall said...

I agree. It would be very difficult for the public to forgive a man who was out boinking his campaign staffer while his wife was home battling breast cancer. What a total slime.

Anonymous said...

JE is not just a private citizen either. He's a candidate who is supposed to shower Barack Obama with his official support at the convention...just two weeks away!

He'd better step up and strongly deny or strongly confirm.

Statistically, it's completely probable that he would have major marital issues during a time great stress (ie. Elizabeth Edwards' health and a campaign together). Yet, it's so newt gingrichy, I wanna puke.

He's such a passionate advocate for those in poverty. I hope the Edwardses can work it out (of course because it's nice to hope good things for people but also) because losing their voices in the public discourse would be awful.

The Ripley Porch said...

Man, I'm hoping JE works this out....Obama wins...and JE gets a job as a ambassador to Bolivia or Denmark. That'd be a swell way to reward a fellow who helped out the Democratic party so much. I'd hate to see JE unemployed and having to work for CNN or make a living. Those guys wouldn't pay enough to get Hollywood haircuts.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to vote for John Edwards, but with his hair issues he seemed sleazy. This story just supports what most people thought of him anyway--that he is a sleazy guy.

Unfortunately, if he cheated on his wife who is dying of cancer, not only is he sleazy, but he is also the scum of the earth.

His political career is over.

howey said...

Edwards will admit to the affair in an interview on ABC's Nightline tonight:

Even in his shame, he'll be more of a man than Troy King ever was.

Loretta Nall said...


I just caught that on the news. I've never been a John Edwards fan. One word comes to mind when I think of him. FAKE! He is the only Southerner I know with a fake southern accent. And he is a socialist to boot which is the arch enemy of a Libertarian.

So, he says he screwed the gal....but the baby ain't his? He is a real piece of shit in my book. Why not just own up to all of it and have done? And while his wife was home battling terminal cancer no less. He and Troy are about the same all things considered.

mooncat said...


As I understand it, the affair was in 2006 when Elizabeth's cancer was thought to be in remission. If you remember, the "untreatable" diagnosis came in March of last year.

I'm not condoning cheating on your wife, but let's not make it worse than it was by saying he was cheating on his wife when she was terminally ill -- the timeline doesn't support that.

Loretta Nall said...

Mooncat....It all comes to the same in the end. Edwards is a hypocrite like all the rest of them. The letter beside their names doesn't make any difference at all.

leonidas said...

According to the National Enquirer, the affair started up again after Mrs. Edwards cancer was deemed "untreatable." The National Enquirer was right the first time, why not now?

The mainstream media is too busy trying to be part of the in-crowd to do any real reporting.

Since I was raised on a cotton-mill village, I supported John Edwards because he claimed to be the son of struggling textile workers, too.

Then I learned that his daddy was the mill manager and his mom worked at Post Office.

A cotton-mill manager ain't a "struggling" mill hand.

And in most of these small towns, a post office job, like his mama had, is as good as it gets.

So, it is not suprising that John Edwards lied about his babymama. It is not the first lie he told the public.

I wouldn't believe anything John Edwards says. It is people like John Edwards who give lying assholes a bad name.

Anonymous said...