Friday, August 22, 2008

Troy King Alert!

Two pieces about Troy King today.

First this piece from Huffington Post

Alabama Attorney General Seeks End of "Bunny Bliss" -- Will Launch Rabbit Hunt
(This article has some inaccuracies. Everything said about Troy King being gay is still a rumor at this point. Troy will neither admit nor deny so most people have already made up their minds that he is, in fact, gay, but that isn't proof. Also, he has not resigned from John McCain's campaign as Alabama Chair. Troy was in Mobile last week campaigning for McCain.)

Then for some serious laughing our friend J.D. Crowe, editorial cartoonist for the Mobile Press-Register, has another toon tease posted involving Troy King. The actual toon will be posted on his website later today.

UPDATE: The toon is now posted.


Don said...

I wonder if Troy King is aware of and if he might mistakenlhy go after Jay Love for being involved with the sale of sex toys? :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking crowe. I never remember to check him out.