Saturday, August 30, 2008

You gotta be effin kiddin me #@!!?

So, John McCain picks a hottie, former beauty queen as his VP running mate in hopes of snagging some Hillary supporters. That might have been a good idea if this woman actually shared any of the political ideology of Hillary supporters. But she doesn't. She's pro-gun,which is great, because I am too. She's pro-home school, which is great, because I am too. But she is also RABIDLY PRO-LIFE and she loses me there. She lost Hillary's supporters way back there with pro-gun.

But her largest and most glaring drawback is that she lacks any hint of foreign policy experience, which is a big, big, HUGE deal because we are currently engaged in two wars in the Middle East and trying to start third and fourth ones (Iran and Russia/Georgia).

And what do the Republicans have to say about her lack of foreign policy experience?

"Uh...she lives next door to Russia and they haven't invaded Alaska."

No shit....that is what they are saying in her defense! I heard it all day yesterday on talking head cable news, then Dax Swatek said it, with a straight face, (which I can't even keep typing it) on FTR and then late night TV had a damn field day with it.

Well, I live next to a bank...does that make me bank President material? There are some homeless people who live near the White House in Washington D.C. Does that qualify them to be President? There are baggage handlers who live near the airport. Does that qualify them to fly your plane?

Why, hell no! And living near Russia doesn't qualify Sara Palin to be one heartbeat away from being the President of our country. That's one finger away from THE RED BUTTON!

This isn't coming from an Obama supporter nor a die-hard Democrat. This is coming from me, Loretta Nall, the small Libertarian voice in the political wilderness of Alabama politics.

It's LUNACY I tell you. L-U-N-A-C-Y! The next eight weeks of the national media raking her over the coals should be an interesting viewing experience. I almost feel sorry for her.


Blue Gal said...

You tell it like it is, baby. xo

The Ripley Porch said...

I will offer up this opinion on Palin. Frankly, I'd kinda like to have a VP who didn't have a law degree or had attended Harvard, Yale or anyone of 50-odd law schools in America.

I wouldn't mind having someone actually came from the heartland and knows the real picture of small town America and its priorities.

I wouldn't mind having someone who has five kids, has experienced public education, and enforced respect upon the kids about life in America.

I wouldn't mind having a VP who runs six miles three times a week, ice-fishes, and knows how to clean fish.

I wouldn't mind a VP who stands on ethical grounds and lets members of her own party know that they've done wrong.

I wouldn't mind a VP who let 49 other states know that she isn't happy over their absolute power upon ANWAR and oil drilling in Alaska.

I wouldn't mind someone being VP whose never sipped $50 bottles of wine, played footsy with the Saudis, danced in Paris, or attended top secret Republican lobbyist functions in Chicago.

Frankly, over the past 16 years, I've watched a parade of dimwits who told me about their knowledge of the world, their connections to the common people, their relationships in DC, their clean sanitary lifestyle which was bogus, and they looked good in a hunting jacket with a imitation rifle in their hands for the media to show pictures of.

So now, I wouldn't mind getting back to reality and maybe an Alaskan-minded individual is what we really need to settle our perception of Americana. Remember, these people don't wait for the Feds to arrive with "help" or "aid" , and these aren't the folks who build $8 million-dollar houses against the coastline. Maybe we'll accidentally get someone we can respect.

Anonymous said...

Will she respect us and our rights.
I doubt it she's a raging fundamental christian with no law school so she has no Idea what our rights even are. I'm sure she's been brainwashed to tow the party line on drug reform. Don't be fooled, ripley, she's from the elite class even though she fishes and hunts. I agree with loretta this is madness.

Brent Moon said...

As far as personal liberties are concerned, Alaska is one of the most free states in the Union. And maybe we need a VP who is a little old school. I agree with Ripley on this one. I think there are much worse choices McCain could have made for VP. Of course, I'm still supporting Bob Barr but if I had to choose between two evils I'd feel much safer with McCain/Palin than Obama/Biden

SneakyFrenchSpy said...

Get ready for Down Babygate. It's coming like a train-wreck but who knows who will look better in the end?

VPILF for protecting her family or the evil leftist bloggers for going after the story?

Don said...

I suspect that McCain chose Palin for reasons that may include hoping to get some Hillary die-hards’ votes, but also to get support from the religious-right in his own party as well as other conservatives who don’t think McCain has conservative credentials.

Don said...

Regarding foreign policy experience: Obama has none but he has Biden on his ticket so I guess he deems it’s OK if just one person on the ticket has that experience. McCain has it on his ticket. If I had a choice, I would rather have the top person on the ticket have that experience instead of his VP.

I’m not enthused about either ticket.

Loretta Nall said...

I think McCain also chose Palin in hopes of getting some of the Ron Paul voters on board....maybe even more so than trying to get Hillary voters to cross over. But anything good about Palin is canceled out by all of the negatives of John McCain and the Republican party.

And I'm not voting for a woman just because she has the same parts as me. She must also share the same values and while Palin does share some of those values she would have little voice if elected VP. Unless you are the overlord Dick Cheney then all you really get to do as VP is be tie-breaker in the Senate.

And she just isn't ready to be the President should something happen to McCain. She'd be a blank slate eaisly led by the evil forces all around her.

Anonymous said...

retta, i don't know what to do or where to go w/ this...i'm just an old turkey hunter...but, i just can't bring myself to vote for a muslim w/ identity problems who won't even show up to do his job, more often than not. i reckon i'll have no choice but to vote for who sucks less...and that , in itself, sucks.

Loretta Nall said...

anon...have you considered voting for Bob Barr/Wayne Root? That is the Libertarian ticket this year and you may find it much more palatable that either the Democrat or Republican ticket. My vote is going to anyone but John McCain. And, for the record, I don't believe Obama is a Muslim.

Anonymous said...

You've failed to mention that she is being investigated in her state. Also, why have 5 kids, one with special needs and not take care of those children? I guess some people are happy letting nannies raise them. I also don't like the fact that she's tied into the big oil companies. We've seen enough of how they buy people.

Jeffrey Quick said...

Given that she's the only governor with TWO foreign countries on her state's borders, if she's not qualified on the basis of foreign policy experience, then no state governor is.

Anyway, if we didn't have a freaking empire, it wouldn't matter who ran it.

lydia said... has an article that says Palin is sweetener for the strychnine of McCain

Anonymous said...

"christian with no law school so she has no Idea what our rights even are"

I dont know that law school always helps ....

Brent Moon said...

I would like to take back my comment supporting Sarah Palin. Recent events have shown me that she seems just as crooked as the rest of em'.... will anything ever change?