Monday, September 01, 2008

You Know What Sara Palin Is?

Sara Palin is a stalking horse. McCain chose her moreso to get the Libertarain votes than to get the Hillary votes. In every election cycle the Republicans try to pull this stunt. Their candidates always sound like they want a small, unintrusive, constitutional administration. One that respects freedom and individual rights. One that upholds the Constitution. One that will let states decide what is best for their people without interference from the feds. One that supports a free market economy. One that believes that we should be a non-interventionist country that should only fight back when attacked. In other words...none of this pre-emptive strike shit.

In short, the Republicans always steal the Libertarian party platform....because it sounds much better than the Republican one of legalized torture, destruction of habeus corpus, obliteration of the Constitution, legalized spying on Americans, illegal wars on countries that have not attacked us, keeping women barefoot and pregnant with babies created through rape and incest, expansion of jails and prisons so more Americans can be locked up for smoking pot, and turning our form of government from a Democratic one to a THEOCRATIC one....the list goes on and on and on.

So, to make themselves more palatable to the American people they pretend to be Libertarian in public. And too many fools fall for it. Every. Single. Time.

So, I don't buy that Palin is 'a Libertarian'. Just because she was the mayor of a small government in Wasilla, AK doesn't mean she believes in small government. Just because she was Governor of a very sparsely populated state doesn't mean she is small government. Just because she supports the Second Amendment and is pro-home school doesn't mean she is Libertarian. Just because there are a lot of Libertarian minded people in Alaska doesn't mean she is Libertarian.

I have a question for her. She stated already that she smoked pot (while pointing out that it is legal to do so in her state) but that she didn't like it. As VP will she continue to support policies that put those who DO LIKE IT in prison?

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