Monday, September 01, 2008

Sara Palin's Unmarried Daughter is Pregnant

The rumors going around the blogosphere are that the youngest child of Sara Palin is actually her grandchild.

Now Reuters is reporting that Sara Palin announced that her daughter, Bristol Palin, is 5 months pregnant in hopes of dispelling rumors that Bristol is the real mother of Trig.

The McCain camp knew this when they picked Palin to be the VP running mate.

This is getting really weird!


Sneaky said...

See Loretta, I told ya there was gonna be a Babygate. This thing is only starting to take off though.

IMHO there's no way she's gonna make it to November on that ticket. Looks like McSame will be able to bring Joe Warmonger Lieberman aboard after all... This world is doomed!

Loretta Nall said...

You certainly NAILED it sneaky!

I have doubts that she will even make it to Wed. night to accept the nomination. What next? A meth lab?

Don said...

sneaky NAILED it? The hyperlink for Down Babygate that sneaky posted in a comment under You gotta be effin kiddin me #@!!? was which led to an article entitled “Alaskan Governor's child may be her daughter's?” which said not one thing about Bristol Palin being pregnant now. And now, the story that the Sarah Palin faked having a baby that Bristol had actually birthed seems to have been just an ugly vicious rumor.

Sneaky said...

Don, do you know for a fact that Bristol Palin is only 5 months pregnant? What if she gave birth and got knocked up again right after? This whole thing stinks!

The 2 pregnancies are much more connected than they will let you believe IMO...

Either way it won't matter, Palin is toast!

Don said...

Sneaky, I guess only Bristol, her doctor, and the guy who impregnated her know how far along her pregnancy is. If she is less, RATHER THAN MORE than 5 months pregnant, it’s possible that she could have given birth to Trig in April and then gotten pregnant again very soon afterwards. That’s the only way the story that Trig is Bristol’s child could have any legs at all. How likely is it that is what has taken place? Even Daily Kos seems to have backed off of this story after being heavily invested in it.