Friday, December 12, 2008

From Mixed Media...LMAO

Spann Angers the Snow Gods - Again

And since we are on the subject of snow I'd like to share a hilarious comment I found here the other day.

Posted by Chiggerticky on 12/10/08 at 5:36PM

Indeed! There's a little-known religious sect that began in Mulga that preaches that by eliminating all bread and milk from grocers' shelves, you can entreat God to withhold the snow. I was wary, but I've seen it happen so many times---James Spann et. al. stoke up the fervor on TV and readio; everyone rushes to the stores to buy out bread and milk; then the snow never shows. It's hard to argue with such a consistent pattern. Those faithful, who call themselves "BreadMilkian SnowStoppers" have shown me results.

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