Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Request

Yesterday a reader asked me to add a 'Followers' button to this blog. I have now added it to the top of the right sidebar. If you are a regular reader and feel so it.


Don said...

Being a technical dummy, I have to ask what signing on as a follower of your blog does for readers. Will a follower be notified by email every time something new is added to your blog? I know a lot of blogs have a have a box that readers can put a check mark in after they post a comment and then they will receive an email every time and additional comment is posted so they can follow a topic they have an interest in. I think that’s a good deal. An example of that can be found on Doc’s Political Parlor ( you click on “Comments” for any post there.

Loretta Nall said...

Don I'm not really sure. I imagine it would be something like that. I didn't know the feature existed until a reader pointed it out to me.

Bitter Old Punk said...

I think the "followers" thing is Blogger dipping its toe into "social media". I just followed yr blog, Loretta. So now if you look at the template, there's a widget you can add to show who's following you. (See the bottom right of my blog for example. Heh. Drive traffic to myself. Classy.)

New posts on blogs you've followed appear in your Blogger dashboard, like anyone with an RSS reader ever thinks to look there.

It's kinda pointless, but I guess the idea is to see what communities coalesce out of the aggregate reading and following.

Whatever that means. I need more coffee.

Don said...

LOL, Loretta, something like which?

fluxlife said...

hey there Loretta! thanks so much for adding the Google Following gadget to your blog!

just a bit about this feature: one of the guys working for google moved over to twitter. after twitter got going he handed the following concept back to Google. now we have the gadget.

i like the feature because it gives me the opportunity to watch my favorite blogs in my Blogger dashboard. if blogs that i love follow me back, all i have to do is click on their photo/avatar from my blog to go read and comment on their blog!

anyway, that's enough for now i suppose.

if anyone would like to ask me further questions about the Google Following Gadget, feel free to email me at: !

thanks again Loretta!, you're the best! mwah! :D

-steve @ fluxlife