Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Talk about a 'Bullshit' law!

Just got this hysterical email from my sister and thought I would share.

hi how are you doing?im ok considering the day i had yesterday- i wrecked my cruiser- get this i hit a cow it was walking across the road and i hit it- it was about 5pm yesterday afternoon after i hit it the damn thing got up and walked off- im ok just a bundle of nerves .
listen to this tho- alabama has a free range law the owners of the cow dont have to pay for squat and get this too my airbags did not deploy either
im hoping my ins co will give me a loaner car - i guess i scared the shit out of the cow- it shit all over my car
i was on my way to take a cpr class
the radiator of my car is pushed back in my motor, im pretty sure the ins co will total it out they ought to i probably done$ 10,000 damage to it i hope they total it i will be afraid to drive it now, c. , d. and myself have all wrecked it. will keep you up to date on everything. love you


Anonymous said...

Crazy. My aunt hit a cow and totaled her corvette.

Anonymous said...

My stepmother ran into a bull near Wilsonville several years ago. She suffered massive head injuries, was in a coma for weeks, and never fully recovered. The owner of that bull was likewise not liable.

The idea that someone can own a huge animal capable of destroying a car and not be held responsible for keeping it off the public roads seems ludicrous to me, but clearly I'm making the mistake of thinking logically, unlike our lawmakers.

Loretta Nall said...

It is a nutty law!. If my big German Shepherd gets loose and eats someone I am responsible for that...why aren't owners of large animals also responsible?

If I had to guess I'd say the cattlemen associations probably make large campaign contributions to our elected officials to keep that law the way it is. Perhaps we need to look for a brave legislator who would seek to change it?

Clay said...

That's not safe. Animals cause a lot of accidents, and when laws can prevent accidents, they should be passed.

Don said...

Loretta, your sister has my sympathy and I hope things work out in her favor.

There’s probably a law, or it’s just accepted, that the state owns all of the wildlife that inhabits its territory. I guess that’s why legal hunters have to purchase a hunting license from the state. If that’s the case, a law to change the free range law would have to exempt wildlife to keep the state from being responsible for all of the damage caused and even lives lost by deer on the roadways. Some people even have accidents trying to avoid smaller animals like squirrels, rabbits, possums, raccoons, etc.

If anyone wants to learn what a really nasty accident is like they just need to run into a vulture or a buzzard and have it crash through their windshield.