Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Cop stole money to pay back money he already stole

Turns out the Decatur cop who stole money from the department and fled to Vegas stole it because he needed to win enough to pay back what he had already stolen from the department.

The excuse being bandied about by his fellow cops is as follows.

Collier said White had gambling problems, domestic problems and family members in ill health and those pressures, plus the pressure of running the department's organized crime unit, may have driven White to make his bizarre run to Las Vegas.

Aww, the poor feller! Now, watch the outpouring of sympathy for the cop 'under stress' who turned to drugs (last night this story mentioned drugs), gambling, adultery and theft to deal with the 'stress'. Notice also how none of these same emotions are displayed when anyone who is not a cop succumbs to the same 'stress' in life. Like the guy who can't find a job becoming a drug dealer drug to pay child support so he can stay out of jail. That's stressful, no? Or the stressed out factory worker who turns to pain pills from the doctor. Or those of us who simply enjoy a joint to relieve our stress. No sympathy for us....we are scum because we don't wear the blue uniform...but the cop was stressed out from his work and home life (adultery is a real stresser I hear) and all that stealing so his actions are 'justified'.

These people make me sick.

Here is his partner in crime and who he was having a 'romantic relationship' with.

Here is her MySpace page.

(HT to Dale Jackson for the MySpace link.

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