Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I just robbed the police department...I'm going to Disney Vegas

A Decatur Police Sgt. in charge of the organized crime unit which focused mostly on stealing money and property from garden variety pot dealers went 'missing' over the weekend. Turns out he staged a struggle in his office, stole $2500 and forewent the customary destination of Disneyland for Vegas where he was apprehended this morning. There is also some innuendo that a woman, who is not his wife is involved.

Looking at his picture I can attest to the fact that he is as stoned as a goose. Being intimately familiar with being stoned as a goose you can trust me when I say that joker is as stoned as a goose. Look at his eyes and that lazy, shit eating grin. BAKED!

Wonder how much money and drugs he has stolen in his 21 year tenure in law enforcement? How many people are in jail on his testimony while he is out using the drugs he stole from them and stealing $2500 of their money from the police department to give to his bookie in Vegas?

Want to take bets on how long he will be suspended with pay before he is allowed to return to work? Or how long it will be before he goes down the road a piece and finds another cop job? It is too much to hope that he might share a cell with some non-violent drug offender he helped to imprison.

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Anonymous said...

On another note, 2 years has come and gone without a lawsuit and the officers who shot 2 unarmed Hispanic car occupants in a parking lot in Huntsville will continue to protect and serve.

The Associated Press

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama- Two police officers shot to death a driver and his passenger after their car struck another vehicle in a parking lot and then hit one of the officers while trying to run over him, authorities said Monday.

Coroner Bob Berryhill said both of the men killed were from Mexico, but only one had identification.

Officials said the officers were placed on three days of administrative leave during an investigation of the Sunday morning shooting.

Police spokesman Wendell Johnson said the two officers were answering a call outside La Bomba Mexican Restaurant when they saw a car hit a parked vehicle.

"As the officers approached the car, (the driver) tried to run down the officers and hit one of them," Johnson told The Huntsville Times newspaper.

The officers responded by shooting "multiple" times, he said. An investigation will include finding out why both the driver and passenger were shot, he said.

Berryhill said one man died at the scene, and the other died at a hospital. An autopsy was conducted on one man Monday, but the report was not immediately available.

Johnson said the officer struck by the vehicle had only bumps and bruises.

The shooting happened about 15 months after an illegal immigrant from Mexico was charged with capital murder in the shooting death of a Huntsville police officer outside another Mexican restaurant. Authorities said Benito Albarran killed Daniel Golden, 27, as the officer answered a domestic complaint on Aug. 29, 2005.