Saturday, January 31, 2009

Troy King says, "Take me to your chat room"

MONTGOMERY -- State Attorney General Troy King says the government doesn't do enough to keep up with the 10,605 registered sex offenders living throughout Alabama.

When the Legislature convenes Tuesday, King will propose legislation to strengthen the requirements for sex offenders once they leave prison, including requiring them to disclose information about their cars and the names they use to meet people in computer chat rooms and on Internet social sites.

King said the computer has become the tool of choice for enticing victims, and having the computer names will make it easier to catch sex offenders if they try to lure new victims via the computer.

"It gives us a more complete picture of who sex offenders are and where they go in the real world and online world," he said in an interview.

Alabama law already requires sex offenders to notify authorities of where they plan to live when they get out of prison. Law enforcement notifies the neighbors that a sex offender is moving into their neighborhood and the information is posted on the state Department of Public Safety's Web site.

Sometimes I wonder how dumb Troy King really is. Apparently he has zero understanding of how the innertube works. How exactly would this law be enforced? Will he use sodium pentathol to ensure that sex offenders on the innertube give him their real user names and chat rooms? Does he not comprehend that people can change usernames at will on the internet and that there are an uncountable number of perverted chat rooms that one can use? Christ I hope he gets laughed out of the committee meeting for this one. I can't help but wonder if he isn't trying to compile a list of dirty rooms for his own use. He clearly like's them young.

Now, I'm all for keeping better track of child molesters and rapists. The best way to keep track of the sick fuck's is to never let them out of prison to begin with. Just recently I saw a story on an Alabama cop convicted of child molestation who got THREE YEARS PROBATION. That's all. Then up in Huntsville there was this guy who pleaded guilty to repeatedly sodomizing his adoptive children, over the course of many years, who got five years probation. Those are the guys that prison was made for.

The sex offender laws have gotten completely out of hand though. In Birmingham and other metro areas in Alabama homeless men are routinely accosted for urinating in alleyways. They are arrested, jailed and charged with indecent exposure...which is a sex offense, which means they have to register as a sex offender when they get out of jail, which means they will likely never find an actual home because they now have a sex offender rap. This is one of the sickest ways to enforce the sex offender law. Clearly these men are not sex offenders. They are homeless and there are no restrooms available for them to use. What are they supposed to do? Hold it? These are not the people prison was intended for.

Then we have teen's having consensual sex who get into trouble with sex offender laws. Most sane people do not believe that a 17 year old boy having sex with his fifteen year old girl is a sex offender. Prison and a sex offender rap were not intended for kids experimenting with sex.


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