Monday, February 02, 2009

So, Smoking Pot Makes You Lazy and Unmotivated?

Yet, somehow that doesn't appear to be the case with Michael Phelps, who has admitted to smoking pot while visiting his girlfriend in South Carolina. Now the sports world is all a tizzy over it. I don't know why....aren't they used to their best athletes either getting busted for weed or admitting that they smoke it?

Obviously marijuana doesn't hurt their what's the problem?


Mariana said...

You know what disturbs me, is that I know that Mr. Phelps was pressured into back-pedaling on this, and apologizing. This isn't a pic of Mr. Phelps with his mouth beneath a beer tap with 20 young men yelling, "DRINK!" or of him shooting heroin or even smoking crack. But it doesn't matter, everything is all lumped together in one undifferentiated mass.

News reporting on this equates an earlier DUI with this pot smoking and I find that ridiculous. The media seems eager to knock him off his Olympic pedestal with dirty laundry! As if this qualifies as news! HEADLINE: OLYMPIC ATHLETE SMOKES POT; APOCALYPSE AT 11:00.

There's no room in professional sports for his dissenting opinion that he has every right to do with his body what he wishes. There's no room for the truth, whatever it is: a) it's the first time he tried it and he felt "____" about it b) he smokes socially about four times a year and was very happy to have a relaxing time with his girlfriend or c) "Mind your own business" or WHATEVER.

Gah. No room for authenticity, whatever the case.

Loretta Nall said...


Radley Balko said something similar in his Letter I'd Like to See but Won't piece about Phelps yesterday.

Mariana said...

Yup, took the words right out of my mouth, veritably. Reposted that, thank you!