Monday, February 09, 2009

TAKE ACTION: Say NO to Kellogg's

Olympic champion Michael Phelps was photographed taking a hit from a bong.

Amidst the media uproar that ensued, Kellogg's announced that it would not renew its sponsorship deal with Phelps.

Call Kellogg's now and tell them that if they dump Phelps we dump them.

Like you, we're sick and tired of the public outings and forced apologies and recantations, which perpetuate this shameless hypocrisy.

More than 70 percent of Americans say that marijuana should be decriminalized and that no one should go to jail for its use.

We agree. Even the residents of Kellogg's home state of Michigan recently passed (by an overwhelming margin) a ballot initiative legalizing marijuana for medical purposes.

Dropping Phelps hurts the Kellogg's image far more than associating with someone who smoked marijuana. Call them to tell them what you think (you'll find helpful instructions and talking points if you follow this link to our website).


Anonymous said...

Done, thanks for the heads up Loretta. They are apparently getting a lot of calls, they have a menu option when you call to press 1 if you are calling about Phelps!

Anonymous said...

I called too. Pressed 1 and had to hold for about 10-15 minutes. Hopefully it is because they are getting a lot of pro Phelps/MJ calls. Thank you Loretta! Your service to our community is so appreciated. All the best!!

Loretta Nall said...

Thanks for calling y'all. I called early this morning and had no hold time at all. Here's hoping that your 15 minute wait time means their phone lines are jammed.

What response did either of you get from your call? I told them that tens of millions of Americans smoke marijuana and that millions of their customers are marijuana smokers. I said I would not be buying Kellogg's products until Michael Phelps contract was reinstated. I was told my comments would be sent to corporate office.

John Little said...

Anonymous said...

Basically I got the same response,that my comments would be sent to the corporate office. I wonder if they are recording the calls or just listening to the rants and keeping a tally. Thanks to you as well for calling. I think I might call again today on my cellphone.