Sunday, March 29, 2009


Now that's cute! Miss Sadie scrambled on the couch when I wasn't looking and tried to take a nap.

She and Saul are getting along marvelously! He is so excited to have another dog around and she just thinks the sun rises and sets in him. Sadie is an instigator, too! She'll bark, bite and snarl at Saul to get him to play then run like the devil is after her to get up under the table or behind the couch where he can't get at her. He thinks he is a puppy again and eats up every second of it.

Having two dogs is really tiring though. Saul had a set schedule before Sadie came. He still does but she hasn't caught on yet. So I am in and out a million times a day in an effort to house break her. It's killing my back. I think my favorite time of day right now is when they are both worn out and I can catch a few minutes of uninterrupted anything!

Love'em though and wouldn't trade either of them for the entire world.

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Deb Murphree/Alabama Politics said...

What an ADORABLE puppy, Loretta. Give her a sugar for me LOL.