Monday, March 30, 2009

Support Marijuana Bill

Laura Tidmore, who is a member of Alabamians for Compassionate Care, had a letter published about HB434 in the Anniston Start today. Laura lost her husband to cancer.

Support Marijuana Bill

I am writing in support of HB434 in the Alabama Legislature, the Michael Phillips Compassionate Care Act. In February 2007, my husband of 19 years, Craig, was diagnosed with advanced liver and lymph node cancer. With chemotherapy, doctors gave him six months to live. Our only child was a few months from graduating high school and he wanted so much to live to see that day that he opted for the chemotherapy knowing it would decrease the quality of his life.

Seeing him waste away was awful. The medicines didn't help with the nausea or pain because he was unable to keep them down.

Since patients in 13 other states have the right to use marijuana, we decided to try it. It worked. With medical marijuana, Craig was able to eat, take his medications and ease his pain.

Obtaining marijuana was terrifying. I am nearly 50 and was scared of being arrested, jailed, losing our home, not being there when he died and missing our daughter's graduation. But I was willing to risk all that to ease his suffering.

No one should have to risk everything to ease the terrible suffering of a terminally ill loved one. Alabama needs to pass HB434 to help the people suffering and their families at such a difficult time in their lives. My husband passed away in October 2007, but with the help of medical marijuana he lived to see our daughter graduate.

Please contact your representatives in Montgomery and ask them to vote "yes" on HB434.

Laura Tidmore

Way to go Laura!!!

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