Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Meet Sadie Nall

Yesterday I finally got my male German Shepherd his mate...a 7 week old female German Shepherd puppy. We have named her Sadie and she is absolutely precious! I picked her up for $50 right below Rockford. Her mother is registered but her father is not. He could be though. He was by far the largest German Shepherd I have ever laid my eyes on. I thought Saul was big at around 90 pounds. The daddy to Sadie turned 1 year old in Feb. of this year and already weighs 130 pounds. German Shepherds don't stop growing til they are three years old. I'm talking GINORMOUS. . He was really a sweetie too and so was the mother....which is totally unlike Saul who is a straight up ass eater.

So far Saul has reacted very well. He simply wants to sniff her and lick her until there is nothing left. She's a little afraid of him though and will growl when he is being too rough. That little growl wouldn't scare a mouse but it gives Saul pause and a quizzical look.

I thought we might have a rough night last night because little puppies always squall and whimper and whine when they leave home but Sadie was great last night. I made her a box with a stuffed alligator and one of my shirts to snuggle into and placed it by the head of my bed. She didn't stay in it five minutes. Then I tucked her away beside me in the bed and she went right out. Later I woke up and she was gone. She had gotten down and under the bed with only her head sticking out. I made a barricade with a big suitcase so that Saul couldn't lick and sniff her to death and it worked. He came over and checked on her a few times during the night and he was raring to go as soon as the alarm clock went off.

So, I'll be talking more about suddenly having two dogs in a few days and what the transition for my first baby Saul is like. For now here are some nice pictures of Sadie after I brought her home yesterday.


Christie O'Brien said...

Omg!!! She is absolutely adorable! I can't wait to meet her =)

Loretta Nall said...

Saul is about to run me NUTSO! He will not stop licking her butt. He is gonna lick the damn thing off. She can't get a minutes peace. And he is jealous. If I am petting her or holding her in my lap well....he has to be getting petted with half his huge body in my lap, too. What a big baby.

He'll always be my Mama's boy it will just take him a little while to settle in and adjust to a new dog. I'll be glad when she is a little bigger and I can leave them alone unsupervised. I swear it's like having an infant and a very aggressive, overly curious three year old.

I've got my hands full!

sixstring said...

Male unfixed dogs have a one track mind. Please, no comparisons to humans.

This sounds like animal husbandry to me. Is that legal in AL? :)

Beatiful dog!

Loretta Nall said...

lol @ the animal husbandry crack. I am still laughing over the Florida incident. Not the first time I have wondered how some people get elected to office.

Saul is going to have to wait for about a year before he can put his one track plans into action. He doesn't seem all that interested in waiting. Gonna be a long year. He does appear to be just crazy about the puppy though. If she whimpers he's right there. If I take him out and leave her in he cries and vice versa. I'm just afraid he is going to hurt her by accident because he is so much bigger. Luckily they grow really fast so maybe in a month or so I can leave them alone unsupervised.