Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Starting a mini-farm

Here at Casa Nall we have decided to start a mini-farm for a number of reasons.

Call me a survivalist...but shit is fixin' to get bad and we want to have something to eat. So, I am on the lookout for the following animals for sale.

Miniature goats - We won't be eating them but want them to eat various patches of brush off the property so that we can clear more space for a garden. We will breed and sell them at a later date.

Pot bellied pigs - We won't be eating these either but need them to root up stumps after the goats have eaten the brush, so that we can expand our garden space. We will breed and sell them at a later date.

We will also use the poo from the goats and pigs for the garden. We plan to get some chickens too but can get them around here in Alex City pretty easy

Mini Milk Cow - These are pretty rare and probably a little more than I can afford right now. I am not ready for it now but would like to locate some in Alabama. A regular milk cow gives 12 1/2 gallons of milk a day and we don't need quite that much...plus I don't have space for a full size cow.

Later today I am getting a seven week old female German Shepherd puppy for my best buddy Saul. I refuse to have him neutered because he is a fine piece of livestock and needs to pass his genes on. Since I won't get him neutered he needs a female German Shepherd to live out his natural life. For all of you pro-spay and neuter folks reading....don't worry, Saul is an indoor dog and is kept in a fence outside so he can't contribute to the local country dog gene pool around here. We'll be selling any future puppies to approved homes only with vet references.

So, if you know of anyone who sells miniature goats or miniature pot bellied pigs please have them contact me via email at lorettanall@gmail.com


Anonymous said...

Call me a city-slicker (which would be ironic), but I had no idea that a cow gave that much milk a day. I can see if you had enough food for those things to eat you could make a mint just selling the milk.

Loretta Nall said...

Indeed. I wish I had enough room for a full size milk cow. What milk we weren't able to sell or make into butter and cheese could be given to the pigs to drink.

A Jersey cow would be preferable....but the Jersey bulls are the meanest fucking animals on earth. They are constantly plotting ways to kill you dead. In order to have a full size Jersey cow I'd need a jersey bull owned by someone down the road cuz I just ain't fooling with anything that mean and that big.

I think the mini cows give six gallons a milk a day and even that is a lot for one family. I imagine we'll sell some (assuming the damn government will let us), drink some and make cheese, butter and ice cream out of the rest.

Anonymous said...

I could be wrong, but I BELIEVE you can adjust the amount of milk the cow gives by how much she is milked in a day-- much the same way as a human mother who nurses. Again, I could be wrong.

Let me know on the puppies. You have my email. My husband and I have discussed getting a second dog, and a German shepherd was one of the breeds we were considering. I know it may be a while down the road, but that's fine since our daughter will be a little older and a little safer around a new puppy. We don't require any papers since we don't plan on breeding, but we would like for the dog to be a pure breed.

sixstring said...

You do realize that engaging in these agricultural activities you are violating U.S. law passed in accordance with the commerce clause?

Loretta Nall said...

almod...I got a superb German Shepherd female puppy today for $50. Guy lost his job and could not afford the vet care for the litter his female just had. The father of this puppy weighed a whopping 130 pounds and just turned 1 in Feb. My girl, who we have named Sadie will be a goliath. Saul isn't too sure what to think of her yet but he sure does like to lick her butt and sniff her.

When they get their dog thing going I will make sure you get a puppy if you are ready. Saul has papers and I can get papers on Sadie. But papers aren't what matter. You can't find a better family dog than a GSD

Loretta Nall said...

sixstring....MUHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA...since when have I ever give a damn about that? :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, like I said, I'm not looking to breed or show a dog. Mostly, I'm looking for something that's big and smart, good with kids, and would make a nice playmate for my hound/terrier mix. (She likes bigger dogs, the bigger the better.) My cousin used to have a German shepherd, and my husband's uncle used to keep them for the Birmingham PD (no jokes, please). So I'm very familiar and quite impressed with the breed. They're very smart and can be easily trained, and they're surprisingly gentle unless brought up to be otherwise. We've also considered a husky, but I'm afraid that the Alabama weather is just too warm, unless he's an inside dog.

Loretta Nall said...

alamod...definitely get a German Shepherd. They, in my very biased opinion, are the absolute best dogs you can have.

My male is AKC registered and the mother of the puppy I got yesterday is ACK registered but the puppy is not because the father is not. If you want one now that guy has three left for $50. His name is clark scott and he lives just below Rockford on 22. His number is 334-235-7506.

If you want to wait a little longer, say a year or so, then my pooches will have their first litter and I'll make sure you get a good one, well socialized, had all shots, at a very reasonable price and ready for a good home which I know you will provide.

Don said...

When I was a kid we had Jersey cows, one at a time, to provide milk and butter for our family of 6. We milked twice daily, once around or before daylight and again just before or after dark. We must not have gotten all of their milk because we only nearly filled a 2½ gallon bucket each time before taking it to the house, but the cows didn’t seem to mind. We never tied them to anything while milking; we just made sure they had plenty of good hay in the feeding trough to munch on while we milked. Believe me when I say that milking on a cold winter day would nearly freeze your fingers off. We washed the cow’s udder and teats with warm soapy water before starting to milk.

I still have the old kerosene lantern we took to the barn to see by while we milked.

Anonymous said...

Hey loretta I got 3 mix pits and german shepard pups to give away I will be glad to donate to your farm if you would like lol...just kidding girl I listed in the buysell and they are going pretty fast everyone loves pits and shepards so im having goodluck giving away. But I promise my pit will be fix soon I cant take another one of her hotass spells I kept her in the house locked up and the neighbors shepard broke out of his fence and camped on my porch waiting on the door to open and the hot bitch ran out between legs off into the sunset with the hung shepard...So my advice is get sadie a man now and keep them locked up together because when she gets hot nothing is stopping her and she will screw the first thing she sees and there goes her bloodline you wanted for full blooded shepards..I will keep my eye out for sadie a man hell we dont want her to pick one first...lol Hey i gotta idea for ya you can raise and train police dogs lol...yeah teach them not to indicate when they smell pot lol... and attack every DEA they see lol...oh and another thing if pot is gonna be legalized in bama by prescription only dont you think doctors will be scatty to who they prescribe it too task force will give the docs hell dont ya think..