Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Troy King Shock and Awe Investigation

Our favorite editorial cartoonist JD Crowe at the Press-Register is at it again with this Troy King toon

Love the toon JD...but where's the pig? Troy just don't look right without his pig.

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Anonymous said...

Troy King probably could have provided information on how the federal courts were being misused to prosecute Governor Siegelman. There were all the signs that this was a case of the justice system going after an individual rather than a crime. There were multiple investigations of different activities of the same person. The timing offered certain individuals political advantage, and the press somehow got all kinds of stories about the target. Now, Troy King is experiencing the operation of the same court system exhibiting all the samesigns of going after the individual rather than a crime. As much as I share your contempt of Troy King, I cannot take pleasure at the continued political abuse of the federal justice system.

jim gundlach