Saturday, March 14, 2009

"WHEW" That Was Close!

Troy King Announces Another Run for Attorney General after it is announced that he is under Federal investigation.

I'm just glad he isn't running for Governor. On the other hand why would a just God, if there is one, punish the good people of Alabama with four more years of this asshole? We've already had six and four more will be nearly unbearable not to mention two more than he would be eligible to serve and we would have to suffer through had he not been appointed by Riley in the first place. I think King's appointment to AG is the worst mistake Riley has ever made.

King is the laughing stock of the state. Not that I haven't had my fun yanking his spiked leather dog collar from time to time, but, as much fun as it has been to be his tormentor I'd be much happier to have a competent AG in Montgomery than a whipping boy for my blog.

So, aside from King who do my readers think should run for Attorney General? I predict that John Tyson will run again. Had it not been for Larry Darby then Tyson would probably have trounced King in the 2006 election. I'd personally like to see Charles Salvagio run for AG, but his practice brings him far more money and recognition than an AG post would. Will Luther Strange run? Rob Riley?

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