Thursday, April 16, 2009

Farm and Garden Update

Sorry to keep my readers waiting so long for me to update the blog. Been busy at my house with the addition of a goat, chickens, ducks and a rowdy puppy. Not to mention it is spring and I am spending every possible moment outside when it isn't raining. Hope you are all doing well. Below are the fruits of my labor on the farm.

Various flowers.

From top to bottom. Hydrangea, Purple cone flowers, Gerber Daisy (all four of mine came back this year) and Lithadora.

Clematis vines

The first bloom is from a clematis vine I planted years ago...but planted in a bad spot because it never puts out much growth and rarely blooms. This year was a stunner though. After it stops blooming I am going to dig it up and transplant it. The next two pics are of a clematis vine I planted in a big planter at the same time I planted the first one. It is doing fabulous this year. I've been using Alaska Fish Fertilizer on all my stuff this year and everything seems to just love it! Get some!

Chickens, ducks and Ervine the Goat.

The ducks and chicks and the goat are all growing. As you can see they share an apartment divided by wire. That little goat is the most precious thing. He is so docile and calm and loves to snuggle and be carried around in your arms like a baby. He walks on a leash or stays on a dog run pretty good when we are outside and he munches the plants we hate and instantly turns them into compost in the form of goat pills. He's like a composting lawnmower. He hates to be alone. We are looking for him a friend. This weekend we are buying them all a bigger place to live in the form of a double dog kennel made out of chain link fence which we will modify somehwat. We'll have to cover the top and bottom with chicken wire so the biddies don't escape and nothing can get in and eat them.

Various veggies already planted in the garden

Saul and Sadie Sue.

These two are real clowns. Never a dull moment or even a minutes peace unless they are both locked in their crates. It's a constant game of chase, chew, bite feet, toy swap and on and on. They love to be outside chasing each other around their fence or playing tuggy with a stick or whatever they find that serves that purpose. Sadie went to the vet on Tuesday and since I brought her home a little over two weeks ago she has gained a whopping 14 pounds nearly doubling her weight. The vet freaked out! "What on earth are you feeding this dog?" he asked. "Large breed puppy chow and cod liver oil like you said" I told him. "Wow, if you had been feeding her regular puppy chow she would have put on twice as much. This dog is going to be huge!" he said. And I agree. I still say her father was the largest GSD I have ever seen. Didn't know they got that big.

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Deb Murphree/Alabama Politics said...

Loretta, we have 4 ducks now. 2 large ones, and 2 baby ones. I get a kick out of how cute the baby ones are. When they hear my voice, they start making their little peeping sounds ...they love to eat.