Friday, April 17, 2009

Rep. Cam Ward to Run for Senate

There are two good sides to this story.

1. I am a big Cam Ward fan. Of all the Republicans I have dealings with in the House and Senate Cam is the only one IMHO who actually understands what a Republican is supposed to be and do. Not that he and I agree on everything, we don't. But we do agree on a lot. He is also very easy to communicate with as he never fails to return an email or a phone call. I wonder how someone like Cam, who likes to get things done, will do in the Senate body where anything is rarely accomplished. Maybe some new blood will shake things up a bit.

2. We may finally be rid of the dinosaur who thinks women who are raped or victims of incest should not be able to have an abortion, thinks Hurricane Katrina was God's wrath for the 'sinfulness' of New Orleans and wants to keep Sunday alcohol sales illegal in his district (would like alcohol prohibition reinstated altogether truth be told) Senator Hank of the worst lawmakers in the history of Alabama. Most of the bills he has sponsored were designed to cram his religion down your throat by banning you from doing things he disagrees with on religious grounds (whatever happened to separation of state and church?) or dealt with punishment, punishment, punishment for the evil making it a felony to grow geraniums (salvia bill)when most of the people who would be affected by such a bill are young teens and college kids. Yeah, we really need a law that would fuck up the bright future of our youth by putting them in prison for possession of a plant, denying them college funds, public housing and food assistance over something the very God Hank Erwin believes in put on this earth. We already have a law like that pertaining to marijuana another of those pesky plants God surely must have been mistaken least according to Hank Erwin. I think if Hank runs for Lt. Gov. he will get smashed and finally be OUT of Alabama politics. That is long overdue.

If Cam Ward is your Rep. then I hope you will vote for him for Senator.


Don said...

As usual, Loretta, you said what needed to be said.

I’d vote for Cam faster than a cat cover’s it’s s**t if he were in my district.

Loretta Nall said...

LMAO Don I've never heard that saying before. Definitely a keeper. Man I hope Cam wins!

Bambi said...

much like putting all of these young men in prison when they are caught with girls running around acting like grown women. Theya re sentenced to a lifetime of failure, all over a quick fuck with a slut or a joint. Ain't that a crock of crap? Alabama needs to do some major changes.