Monday, April 20, 2009

~~~HAPPY 420~~~

It was two years ago today that the state's case against me for possession was thrown out of court! I kinda miss the bastards. I had a great deal of fun over 4 1/2 years tormenting them in the media and on my blog for their wretched stupidity and willful disregard of the Constitution.

Last year on the most holy day for pot smokers I celebrated in Vancouver, Canada with my close friend and mentor Marc Emery. The pictures of that event at the Vancouver Art Museum are most incredible and can be viewed here. We rolled seven pounds of pot in those pics. There is a video of me on Canadian National News throwing joints to a lively crowd at 4:20.

This year the celebration is quite a bit more subdued since I am stuck here in Hellabama where one innocuous pot plant will get you a mandatory minimum sentence. "Sweet Home" my large white ass. Hopeless, mean-spirited, back water is far more accurate a description.

Anyhoo, I hope all of you out there celebrating have good herb to celebrate with and that you celebrate in a safe manner. Smoke one for all the drug war prisoners rotting away in government cages for possessing, growing or selling this miracle plant.

You know its a damn shame stupid don't hurt cuz if it did the government would be in excruciating pain over the stupidity of the drug war. And you know what??? I wouldn't give them a shotgun toke or even blow my wonderful intoxicating smoke in their general fucking direction.

HAPPY 420 Y'all!! Smoke'um if you got'um.

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Christie O'Brien said...

Oh Happy Day!