Monday, April 20, 2009

I Wish Stupid Hurt!

(Picture from Montgomery Advertiser's coverage of the TEA Party last week)

I'd never heard that saying before in my life and almost fell out when I saw the sign. So, there is a new category to file things under here at Nallforgovernor and its called "I Wish Stupid Hurt"

Wouldn't that be great? If stupidity caused excruciating pain?

Obama would really be hurting right now if it did because of this.

Quotes from the article...

As President Obama and Mexican President Felipe Calderon talk
tough about cracking down on the deadly drug war, the United States is
changing tactics in the battle against illegal narcotics at home.

The White House and Congress want to see more drug courts, and
increased funding for the program 250 percent in the spending bill
signed in March.

It's a campaign pledge that the Obama administration thinks will give
nonviolent offenders "a chance to serve their sentence, where
appropriate, in the type of drug rehabilitation programs that have
proven to work better than a prison term in changing bad behavior,"
according to the White House Web site.

Ok then, what type of drug treatment would be appropriate for President Obama? He's admitted smoking marijuana and snorting cocaine in his past. I'm so sick of these hypocritical bastards. The only thing that separates Obama from those in jail for using drugs is that he didn't get caught. Gee, guess that proves that pot smokers and users of other recreational drugs can and do go on to lead productive lives without government intervention.

Perhaps while Obama has his eye on the Mexican border trying to prevent ditch weed that smells like the 18 wheeler tire it rolled across the border in from making it into the US our Canadian bretheren and sisteren could send some good shit from the other direction. I know there is a recession in Canada too :)

As for me I think I am about to arm myself to the teeth and go live in a cave. Screw drug court for weed. Forget that altogether. Its a waste of resources and denies help to people who are struggling with real addiction because it fills beds with pot smokers who do not need help.

Government mandated treatment...does that make anyone elses sphincter clinch up? Imagine just how horrible that could wind up being. Naltrexone for weed anyone? Shock therapy maybe? Mandatory guinea pigs for pharma drugs that haven't made the market yet? Communist Russia?

The White House has listened to those who say legalizing marijuana
will pull the rug from under the violent cartels in Mexico and boost
the U.S. economy, but that option is not on the table.

Indeed, I wish stupid hurt for there is nothing more stupid than doing the same thing over and over (in this case keeping the failed drug war going strong) and expecting different results.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, you and me both. I haven't had many issues with our newest president, but his whole response to the question of marijuana and the economy was something that really did get under my skin.

Of course, I also wish stupid hurt for some of the folks that showed up to these rallies.

Don said...

I wish I knew who that was that was displaying the “I Wish STUPID HURT" sign. Perhaps some of the organizers or other members of the Tri-County Tea Party Coalition ( know, but I don’t.

I know that one of the organizers wants to know the identity of the politicians shown in other pictures of the TEA Party event that your photo was taken from on the Advertiser site …the ones standing behind the podium just outside of the State House doors.

A very few of them were invited to speak at the event. Most of the rest of them, upon seeing the throng of participants outside, decided that they should go out and stand there for photos to make their constituents THINK they were supporting the TEA Party.

Most politicians and office holders are so devious that they don’t deserve to be in office to supposedly represent the interests of their constituents.